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Arcadia Film Festival is an international NGO, that uses the power of cinema to convince citizens to take local actions against climate change.

Each year, Arcadia Film Festival selects 10 social-environmental films that are made available to any citizen or organisationwho wants to screen a cinema-debate within their community.  

So wait no longer! Organise your own cinema-debate event and start spreading change with Arcadia Film Festival. 

Start spreading change

You want to act against climate change ? At Arcadia Film Festival we strongly believe that local action is the strongest answer to today’s social and environmental challenges.

Arcadia Film Festival gives you the opportunity to screen social-environmental films and documentaries in your community. It’s free and easy.  The purpose ? Spreading seeds of change and triggering conversations and local action. 

Wait no longer : get in touch to organize your own cinema-debate, with our support. 

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