2021 selection | The Films


Date: 2018 ​- Duration: 91 min​ – Langages : French / English subtitles


Ed is commissioned to make a documentary intending to change those habits of society that are harmful to animals. But completely alien to the animal protection movement; he will realize that to carry out the project, he must first convince himself. The process of documenting the film and Ed’s interactions with Jenny, a collaborator of FAADA (the animal foundation that commissioned the film) will serve to contrast his doubts and look for answers on how to live in a manner that is more responsible towards animals.

A series of new precepts that will affect the way he eats, dresses, consumes and even spends his free time. These new behaviors will make him clash with his immediate surroundings: family, friends and workmates. To overcome this, Ed will use the experience of 5 people who have adopted this lifestyle and ask for the opinion of several experts on the issue. EMPATHY is a project that will forever change his lifestyle, or perhaps not.