You want to lead the way to a healthier and fairer world? With Arcadia Film Festival, you can get involved in many different ways, whether you’re a citizen or an organisation.

If you want to support us, you can host a cinema-debate, get your community involved, suggest a film you would like us to add to our program, join our team of volunteers, become a partner, or simply donate. 

Organise your own cinema-debate event

Each year, we carefully select 10 social-environmental films that are made available for you to show in your community. It’s free. The only thing we ask is that you organize a debate following the screening.

This debate is fundamental to our action, as debate creates connections between the viewers, who share ideas, which can turn into local actions and solutions. Under your impulse, each viewer is invited to act concretely and change our society, for the best.  

So wait no longer! Organise your own cinema-debate event and start spreading change with Arcadia Film Festival. 


How does it work ?

1. Choose a film in our 2020 selection

Have a look at the 10 films we have selected this year

2020 selection

2. Find a place open to the public

It could be a coffee shop, your townhall, a local cinema, your community centre, a school hall or even your own living room…

3. Get in touch*

Once we’re connected, we will send you a link to the film and all the information and support you will need to manage your event 
*1 registration = 1 film screening

Registration form

4. Send your invitations

Invite your friends and community to attend the screening and join the debate. 

5. Show and discuss

The debate is an essential part of our project. Il allows ideas and actions to emerge.

6. Tell us all about it!

What ideas, opinions, projects have come out of your debate ? Tell us all about it and share your photos and videos with us too!