Date: 2018​ – Duration: 92 minutes​ – Langages : English, french subtitles​

The destinies of the various protagonists unravel the story of this apocalyptic society. Their inner voices allow a deep insight into life and work at this dump  – and of Sodom itself. The seemingly apocalyptic setting is, for those who live there, a place full of perspective. There is no sign of that “end of days“ feeling, quite the opposite in fact. In hope of a better future they have converted the landfill into a bustling place full of life and „get up and go“. Everybody here in Sodom is in some way or another living off the blessings of the computer age, many die of them. The film portrays people whose existence and everyday life is not only formed by modern technology but threatened by it too. This is the place where the curse of the digital consumer madness becomes manifest. Sodom is the true end of our modern digitalized world. It will most probably be the final destination of your tablet, smart phone, computer.​